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Live your dreams

Our Journey this year 2021 begins in Denmark, Copenhagen, where it all began.

This sommer we will sail towards Oslo through beautiful coastline of Sweden and Norway. Next spring we are planing to sail to Sankt Petersburg and from there to Moskow, Kaspian sea, Black sea and to a Medeterenian.  After that we heading towards the Caribbean.

SV Miss Kizomba 

Model: Reality

She is 43 feet (13,10 m) long and 10,6 feet (3,21 m) wide  steel boat. 

36 HP BUKH engine.

We moved in to the boat in April 2019. Since then we have been working on to get boat ready for a journey of a lifetime. We love our lifestyle, it gives us freedom and independence.

Now we want to share our story with you.

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